I am currently only available for online/distance sessions as the road access to my healing space is under repair.

Crystal Energy Therapy

Crystal Healing Request

This is your opportunity to ask me to work on something that's important to you.  A few examples of these may be physical (pain, injury, illness) or emotional (heartbreak, unhealthy patterns, family issues) or spiritual (opening 3rd eye, creating connections, releasing old energy). 

Contact me via email to chat about your request before you book.


$70.00 NZD in person or distance


Dissolving the Cords

We create energy connections all the time, sometimes these connections can be draining or overwhelming.  Sometimes we can just do with a complete refresh. In this session I cut all connections that are not serving you and surround you in love and cleansing light. I will also do a simple layout that balances your general energy while intuitively cutting the cords.


$35.00 NZD in person or distance


Energy Field Cleanse

As we journey through our lives everything we experience leaves an energy imprint with us.  This can be physical, emotional, thought or spiritual and is often a combination of these as nothing is so simple. During an energy field cleanse the crystal layouts and energy work will be tailored to your specific needs and support the energy shifts you require. Some information prior to the session will be required.


$70.00 NZD in person or distance


Crystals 'N' Coaching

An awesome opportunity to get the best of what I offer. Its 90mins because we need time to talk and time to do some crystal and energy healing work. This is tailored to your needs or you can choose one of the other themes if it resonates. Just let me know once you have booked or make enquiries right here.


$110.00 NZD in person or distance



White Light

Energy Alignment

This session has you surrounded by an infinity grid of energy where you be enveloped in pure white light from clear quartz and selenite. It starts with a selenite cord cutting and then the infinity layout is placed. While you bathe in the flow of connecting white light energy I may intuitively add any crystals that call for you while scanning your auras and smoothing your energy's.


$70.00 NZD in person or distance

Precious Stone


Chakra Balancing

A Chakra crystal layout that includes balancing the chakra's individually and then revisiting each one  to cleanse and replenish their energies.  This energy work is with 9 chakras, the Earth Star, Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown & Soul Star. Once balanced you lay in the flow of light that connects you from the universe and deep into mother earth via your chakra energy pathway.


$70.00 NZD in person or distance



Michelle Courage

If you resonate with energy from crystals you will be blown away by Jenny’s powerful ability to match the best crystals for each of your chakras to enable a fabulous healing. I felt the power of each crystal - Jenny has a powerful gift to share with this world. Don’t hesitate, book a session today!

Verdant Mystic

I had such a lovely crystal chakra healing with Jenny <3 The setting is gorgeous; Jenny's presence beautiful and healing all by herself; and the healing session itself was just magical! I felt so aligned afterwards, and the positive energy has since rippled out and transformed my world <3 Definitely recommend!!

Kathryn Grace

I had an amazing healing from Jenny. From the moment I walked in the door I knew I was in good hands. I felt such a deep sense of calm and relaxation. Jenny's insights were spot on and so helpful to me. She is a gifted healer and would highly recommend to anyone.

Jude Smith

My crystal healing with Jenny was pure loving magic! Her beautiful presence and loving care, and the wonderful setting, made for a wonderful experience. I felt incredibly aligned (and taller!!) afterwards, and the healing energy has rippled out since to transform even more of my life. Thank you, Jenny!! <3 <3 <3