Crystal Meanings

Crystals have unique properties based on many aspects such as their atomic structure, the different minerals present in the crystal and the energy/vibration the crystal emanates. Their form, colour , how they were created and their location also contribute to their meaning as each aspect adds another energetic element to the crystal. Their energy is pure and stable and they have numerous benefits.


Whats also important to understand is that each crystal will be energetically unique even within its own crystal families just as we are in ours, and when we interact with our crystal we also contribute our own energy fields and the energy of the space we are in. Combine all of this with the intentions you set and your desired outcomes when using the crystal and you will have a completely individual experience.


My best advice when choosing or working with a crystal is to follow your instinct, what are you drawn to, what do you feel or think, what catches your eye and then when you research it what is jumping out at you, what is an Ah Ha! moment and what resonates strongly. There are many ways to interpret everything and all meanings have come from someones interpretation so follow the flow of what feels right or seems right and see where it takes you.

Crystal Forms

Crystals come in different shapes and form, there are too many to describe so I will just use a couple of examples of how the shape and form influences the crystals energy.


Crystal spheres emanate their energy evenly, imagine the energy in the centre of the sphere and shooting out in all directions evenly around the entire crystal.


Crystal points direct a lot of their energy through the points and although energy also comes from all its crystal surfaces the points amplify the energy as it moves outwards.  This makes them great to use to direct energy for a purpose and I use them a lot in my grid healing work.


Polished or smooth crystals are thought to have a more refined and gentle energy emanating from their polished surfaces. It does not mean it lessens the energy vibration of the crystal but allows for a gentler transition from the crystal.


Rough or raw crystals are thought to have a more raw direct energy emanating from them, like it is in its purest form. It again does not mean it increases the vibration of the crystal but is more about the delivery of the crystals energy.


Clusters of crystals are many points growing together, their entire form is usually the same crystal though they can have inclusions and some crystals are known to commonly grow alongside other crystals so may present with more than one type of crystal in a cluster.  


Druzy formation is when a coating of fine crystals grows on the surface of another matrix as is found in geodes and many specimen crystals.


Unless you have a specific purpose in mind just go with your preference, I tend to be very aesthetic with crystals as well as how they feel and I’m drawn to them on an individual basis. I love my polished as much as I love my raw. And I love all the shapes and sizes, I think it’s safe to say I love all crystals.


Cleansing Crystals

There is much written on the cleansing of crystals and which ones should and shouldn’t be cleansed.  Cleansing is a lovely ritual that creates an opportunity to energetically connect with your crystals, to care for something creates a beautiful energy that allows for flourishing and feeling filled with love.

To cleanse is to clear absorbed energy, reset the energy and amplify the energy.  There are many ways in which to cleanse and some may not suit all crystals as they may harmfully interact with that crystal such as when using salt or water.  Methods that I tend to use are Intentions, Sound, Selenite, Moonlight, Sunlight, Earthing and White Sage or Palo Santo.  I do love  the cleansing energy of water but I rarely use it to cleanse crystals as I have too many to cleanse at once to be separating them out.

Follow your intuition with cleansing, what resonates with you personally, ensure you know your crystals well so as not to damage them. I do not believe there to be a right or wrong way or time frame that must be done, instead I follow my instinct at the time.

Sound vibration is a lovely way to clear and reset energy, it can also reach many crystals at once and the space in which they live.

Selenite has incredible cleansing and clearing vibration, you can use bowls to sit them in or pass a selenite wand over them. Look into how other crystals in your collection feel, maybe one would assist in clearing another.

Moonlight energy is used for clearing and cleansing, become familiar with moon cycles to feel which one is best for which need, most times it is the full moon that is used but if another moon phase resonates then flow with that.


Sunlight is a beautiful cleansing and amplifying energy, some crystals can fade a little in the sun so are best not left out for long periods, the sun is so powerful it may not take long to cleans so again go with what's flowing and feeling right.

Earthing to me is placing the crystals directly on the earth to absorb all of mother natures grounding and cleansing energies (some bury their crystals for longer periods or with permanent intent).  Be aware of the crystals you are using and your intent, i.e. are they water soluble?, will I be able to clean earth off it with ease?, maybe use a natural fibre cloth underneath those you wish to keep clean.

Palo Santo and White Sage are used to clear energy, most often in the form of smudging, these are both traditional methods used for centuries amongst many indigenous people. I think it's important to use these with love & respect and learn what you can about them so as to use them in the best possible way.  

Intention in my view is the most powerful way to cleanse and reset crystals, the power we have when an intention comes from our mind, heart and soul is incredible. Intention can be used on its own or in combination with any other method. A crystal comes from the earth in all its energetic glory (without a set of instructions), there is no right or wrong so get to know your crystals, follow your intuition and hold heart spaced energy always when you choose to cleanse them.

Programming Crystals

Programming is when you set a specific intention with a crystal for a desired response or outcome. Crystals do not have to be programmed as they are already an amazing energy source interacting with the energy’s around them. Programming is useful when you want to get more specific with a purpose.


To program your crystal pick the one that’s calling for this purpose, find a quiet space and connect with your crystal mentally &/or physically while holding the intention you desire. You can be as simple or ritualistic as you like.  Programming is often used when setting a crystal grid for a specific purpose as well.


For me personally I don’t program individual crystals that often as I simply trust that as I have chosen them to be with me I allow them to do their work as their energy integrates with me.  I will carry different crystals as called to and change their positions in the house as called to but otherwise I tend to allow for all that is as it is.