Hi , I'm Jenny

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The things I do in no particular order:   Mum & Partner; Home Maker; Intuitive Life Coach; Crystal Energy Therapist; Online Course Writer & Crystal Shop Owner.

I aspire to:   Be the best me for me, my family, friends and clients; Keep open minded & evolving and teach this to others; Share, share, share; Help to create ease and magic; Keep learning & teaching how to be part of the uplifting, unassuming, heart based energy in the world.

I love:   Fresh air, feet on the ground, dreams in the stars; my family, my friends, laughter, people, me time, sushi and a good cup of tea xx (oh and a gazillion other things)

Intuitive Life Coaching

Do you re-loop through the same patterns, maybe its in your relationships or the way communication plays out, you find yourself thinking should it be this hard and this is draining me. You have tried to work out what you would like to change to make this easier, so here's a question, how many of those changes are about the other person or changing all the things that are happening to you. 

To create effective change it needs to come from within, the more self insight you have and self responsibility the more self understanding you will have and with all this self work you can create change that is quantifiable. The kind of change that see's you communicating better, thriving in relationships and living with a sense of ease and happiness in your own skin.