An Inspiring Life?

This is my first blog writing moment, I have thought about it often and found many reasons why not to blog, like who wants to hear what I have to say, people I know will laugh, I'll do it later, have I enough to share and the list goes on. The mind can create so many reasons not to do something and even at the wise-ish age of the late 40's you would think I'd know better than to listen to that old record. Well the thing is I do know better and have known better for some time, I have helped many others to know better too so the time has come to get over whatever it is that has stopped me, so here I am.

Transition Coach

I am Jen or Jenny, I have a great family at home and around NZ, I love a cup of tea, I have travelled and I have settled down, I believe in balance and in seeing the bigger picture - a broader world view, I struggle to simply categorise things because I don't think anything is simple enough to be categorised (although this sometimes clashes with my need to have things orderly and systemised). I am a registered nurse and I specialised in Neonatal Intensive Care with a great 25 year career in that specialty and now I am a Transition Coach setting up my own business where I aim to help many people work on their emotional, thought and physical energy. See I believe everything has an energy and balancing energy is a part of the jigsa