I just stepped out of my comfort zone.

Boy am I proud of myself I just did something that I have never done before, I have asked for a financial hand so to speak, I have applied for the AMP dare to dream scholarship. I have thrown myself into the pot with other awesome kiwis who have a desire to fulfil a dream which in itself is pretty darn cool as I get to be inspired by the other dreams I am seeing in the Facebook group. I am fully aware that for some this may not be a big deal and thats more than perfect but for me it is a big deal. I just don't do these things, my personality, my upbringing and my nurturing self (theres always the thought that someone else should get help before me) tend to hold me back from putting my hand up and saying oooh look at me and what I have to offer, I am worthy of your support!

Transition Coaching

So why would I even need to apply, well of course my coaching is my business and all small and new businesses need a hand wether its advice, finance or specific skills. I am spending a lot of time creating my course at the moment so less time seeing clients and earning an income, plus I dream to have my course online in the next couple of months and I can promise there is no shortage of work in trying to achieve that. I also have a desire to help people or groups in our community who wouldn't or couldn't seek a coach to help them and if I can I would like to do this at no cost as soon as I can, its paying it forward in my mind, not much different to smiling at someone who will smile at the next person and so on, before we know it a whole string of people are enjoying the endorphins of smiling without really knowing why. So you see I then realised AMP could help me to help others and boom all of a sudden I realised it was ok for me to apply.