Don't you love the feeling when it's all falling into place.

It often sounds like the stuff fairy tales can be made of, when you meet that person that just clicks, when the event pops up that was meant to be or you turn left instead of right and find just what you are looking for. I often refer to it as divine timing, gotta love the word divine and well nearly everything is about timing wether we like it or not.

I have had a couple of experiences lately that have really struck me, I have met a person who is so on the same page as me yet not doing the same as me, it has opened a whole new channel of possibility and growth which is beyond exciting in my world. I am also amazed by the amount of experiences that simply present themselves even when not searched for, yet they line up exactly with my needs, like stepping stones in a movie that magically appear in the water.

I don't know if you will remember from a previous blog post that I had been searching for the 'thing' I was destined to do since my 30's, since I first definitively knew that there was something coming, something that would help others yet not in nursing. I used to swing from excited to frustrated and even pissed off, laying awake some nights talking to the sky, saying come on show me! I just want to know and get on with it. But even back then as frustrated as I would get I knew and understood divine timing, I actually could see it as a child, I have always been able to see the bigger picture of things quickly, often taking things into account others couldn't see.

( As a kid I