Different Views

There has been a lot going on in our world lately, much of it with the capacity to induce fear and angst, much of it bringing world views, personal opinions and challenging concepts right up into our faces no matter where we are living and what our story holds. I'm going out on a limb touching on some contentious topics that have divided people into particular camps of thought, my thoughts in this blog are about the bigger picture scenario, I'd just like to share my perspective on having 'different views'.

The main point I want to make is that there are many ways to look at one thing, so many in fact that there becomes a myriad of truths and perspectives which applies to that one thing (this is so with absolutely everything - everything can be argued for or against in many ways). The best way to make this point is to share a couple of examples from these huge events that are currently shaping our world. These are examples from my experience as information and topics were thrust at me through mainstream and social media. And trust me I will only touch on some of the views that I have seen in each example.

I will start with the complex simplicity of numbers - Covid 19 statistics, as the pandemic began to work its way around our world and into all forms of media I was transfixed by numbers, I watched them closely and I watched the questions being formed and answers being derived from these numbers. I am no mathematician by any stretch but I am a nurse who has worked with statistics and research for years and did pretty well at maths at school... and I began to see issues, I began to read about issues, I began to questions some things. To start with numbers are only as good as those reporting or collecting them, with Covid there is gross over reporting and gross under reporting (will they balance out???) and it's different in each country. Different even in each hospital or health department and there are so many reasons why it's different I won't list them here. The numbers are also difficult to ascertain because of lack of testing, to get a true picture all must be tested, will the testing used be accurate?, will the tester do it correctly, will the country be able to afford testing etc. So of course there were big issues in gaining the numbers. Then came the questions which of course determine the answers from these numbers, my experience with research and numbers is the answer will differ (slightly or grossly) depending on the question asked of those numbers. I think I could see these and more issues because of experience but also because I wasn&#x