Inspiration for the Move to Level 2

I'm excited to say we have a guest blogger this month, so without further ado I'll introduce you to Maria McDonald.

Maria is an Intuitive Guide and Healer, she is also a Criminologist, Cross Cultural Psychologist, Consultant and Freelance Writer. Enjoy the read.

8 things we can do to heal from covid lockdown

As we step out from covid lockdown, it's timely to pause and think about exactly what the slowing down has meant for us, and what we want ahead. And eight things we can all do to heal our way forward. By Maria McDonald

I know for some in essential services life has been frantic and crazy and I really hope a break comes for you soon, as I appreciate the great service you have given. I have had the luxury of not commuting to work, not running children around, managing play dates, sport, shopping and ‘busyness’.

When I look back now I find it all a bit silly. I think about the time I spent filling my time up. For what good reason? No answer to that.