The Blame Game

A thing happened this morning albeit just a wee thing in the grand scheme of things but a thing nevertheless and it got me thinking. Well to be honest it got me raging for a quick minute and the irony was literally 5 mins before the said thing I was thinking about how us humans like to blame at the drop of a hat, for big stuff of course but also the little stuff too and what a waste of energy this is. So to give a bit of context this morning my gorgeous (and also hormonal) 12year old baked a cake for a school shared lunch celebration, as per that age group it was deemed a dam good idea to up spec the level of chocolate in this cake, to take it up a few notches. I agreed wholeheartedly as it would use up the unused stuff in the pantry and sugar overload was happening at school (teehee). When the cake needed a lot longer to cook (context here I know stuff all about baking) I exclaimed oooh I wonder if the extra chocolate has caused this, to which said gorgeous 12 year old responded with "oh so its my fault is it, so I am to blame, I AM ALWAYS TO BLAME" - (yes shouty capitals are required here).

So yes before y'all roll your eyes and say she's blinking 12 she's randomly raging about almost everything..... yes I know that and I do try very very hard to keep that in perspective but it created an inner wonder (tinted with slight rage) in me about people in general and how the freakin heck did we get to this point in society where everything, literally everything has to get blamed on someone. And we are at this point and have been for quite sometime, small example: in my previous job I used to teach some safety stuff and the law clearly had me to take the fall should any student do anything unsafe, that law changed twice over those years with different levels of blame to be apportioned to me but the basic scenario was I got thrown in front of the firing squad before the actual perpetrator did.

I do get the concept of responsibility and of expertise responsibility and of looking for solutions and the err of the way when something does go wrong, I'm not like ah she'll be right - move on, move on people. And I am aware that when change in society is created often the pendulum swings way to far before a reasonable place is reached, so this blog is not about that level of the blame game and its definitely not gonna touch on some of the crazy stuff happening out there in the law suit world. Instead I want to focus on how it is creating a norm in our daily lives of looking for blame in things that we never used to or shouldn't do, and how we do this sub consciously half the time as our human self is programmed to it more than ever.