The School Holidays Conundrum

With a light hearted soul I have a very very important question for you all, who here with kids (or without - which would be even more hilarious and serious teehee) stops all personal or business flow during the school holidays, my girl is 11 and so fairly independent in fact left to her own devices she would literally be on a device - tik tok - roblox - you tube - netflix. With that in mind of course I cant leave her to her own devices and I want to be her parent and hang with her and create experiences but holy heck every single school holidays I set realistic intentions of ticking off certain business tasks, I make them doable and time easy, they balance with our holiday plans and I would even feel extremely very great once they are done. So why oh why oh why do I not get the time or the drive or the inkling to go there once the holidays have started, a 2 week full pause is a lot when you are building up a business and have some awesome momentum going. Heres an example yesterday (already nearly a week she's been back at school) I find out my pre scheduled IG posts haven't flowed through to facebook - ALL HOLIDAYS - checking fb is not hard nor rocket science but for some weird reason I didn't even go there.