Thought Energy

What on earth is thought energy, I haven't even looked it up but I can feel it and I can see it and I know it to be something real so it is a term I use all the time to describe how our thinking influences us on every level. I would even go so far as to say thought energy has an incredible power over how our life pans out and the cool thing is its something anyone can tap into if they choose. Like most things in life it's about knowing and understanding it first to then be able to observe it and influence it in a positive way.

Thought energy goes a little deeper than just creating a thought and hoping it influences you as desired, it runs a lot deeper than that. In fact I observe this when anyone is hyped about creating abundance, yes I believe we can create our own abundance by how we think absolutely but it's not so simple as saying something and then waiting for it to magic out of the air. For it to work you have to truly believe it not just desire it, I want $1000 versus I am worth receiving $1000 and this is where it gets a little unstuck. Because we cant just magic those words and expect them to manifest even when said a trillion times, if we haven't done some of the deeper work on the stuff thats really blocking us then the underlying energy won't allow the manifestation.

This is where observing your own thought energy patterns comes in, what is the actual dialogue when you freely speak versus the scripted dialogue, what are the conscious and sub conscious thoughts that are running in the background. This is really about listening to yourself, spoken words and thought forms, what is the pattern, what is the energy, do you really believe in it? does it sit with ease in your field?.

Have you the insight to pick up on these thought forms and then the courage to honestly track them to see what they are saying to you, do you think you are worthy or should receive or can be loved....