Support for grieving on all levels and at any stage. It’s a challenging and often draining time so all support is required. 

This kit has 1 of each:
Nourish Essential Oil Blend 
Apache Tear Polished
Amazonite Raw
Pink Botswana Agate Polished 

Apache tear is a type of obsidian, it’s has the grounding and earthing qualities and it is an amazing stone for all forms of grieving. Very protective yet gentle it aids in self realisation and releasing emotions especially after experiencing trauma or deeply held emotional wounds.

Pink Botswana agate is supportive during transitions, creating a smooth path and is comforting and protective when processing deep hurts and grieving. It is a heart stone and helps with what’s needed to come from a heart space.

Amazonite is a stone of truth and courage used for communicating, soothing emotional trauma and embracing your inner truth. It  helps calm the body releasing the emotional grief that manifests physically. It teaches how to honour your grief and supports the emotional and physical healing required as your grief unfolds within you.