Boost your immunity with this kit, the essential oils are powerful plant healers and these crystals support your bodies immune defences. This kit has 1 of each:Immunity Essential Oil Blend Rainbow Fluorite RawBloodstone RawOrange Calcite RawClear Quartz RawClear Quartz is a powerful healing crystal that cleanses and amplify’s energies. It also absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy. It’s a master healer and is a must have for home and your healing kit. It’s thought to stimulate the immune system and balance the entire body. Bloodstone is a beautiful grounding and earthing crystal. It can fill you with courage and self esteem to help you live in the now.  Its revitalising and cleansing and lifts energy levels. It focuses on the blood, circulation and organs that cleanse the blood. Fluorite increases concentration, confidence and the ability to make decisions. It also balances energies and supports coordination of the mind and body. Rainbow Fluorite helps with bone and teeth conditions. It’s also thought to support ear, eye, nose and throat problems. Orange Calcite is a powerful healing stone linked to both the physical body and the emotions. It cleanses and revitalise energy and removes blockages. The vibration of orange calcite stimulates health and life force energy’s. It’s associated with the reproductive system, gall bladder, skin, gut and boosts immunity and supports healing of the tissue and bone. 

Immunity - Kit