Find ease by connecting to yourself in a loving compassionate way. 

This kit has 1 of each:

Forgiveness Essential Oil Blend
Bahia Amethyst Point
Rose Quartz Raw
Moonstone Tumble
Red Brecciated Jasper Tumble
Citrine Raw

Amethyst Is a calming stone that also clears the emotions and thoughts. Its soothing yet motivating and is great for stress relief.  It is also spiritually protective, allowing clearer connections and dissolving unnerving energy. It increases passion and enhances creativity.  Bahia Amethyst points grow individually and are known as dragons teeth. They bring clarity of the mind and allow you to tune into your feelings so you can connect and understand yourself more. It encourages inner strength and growth and helps overcome addictions or unwanted behaviours.  They are also elestial crystals with many having phantoms. 

Citrine is like sunshine it creates positivity and abundance, lighting up your soul and supporting success and creativity.  Great to use when setting intentions and carry when creating or manifesting your path.

Moonstone has the energy of the moon, gentle and calm with deep feminine qualities. It is healing and balancing and enhances your intuition. its nourishing, passionate yet tranquil. 

Red Jasper is an empowering stone of strength and resilience, it is also an earthing and grounding crystal. It’s also thought to release all forms of blockages that may be holding you back on your path.

Rose Quartz is a heart stone, a crystal of unconditional love surrounding you in love. Its calming and reassuring, it replaces unserving energies with love, peace and harmony. It promotes love with the self, with friends and in romance. It’s a deep healing crystal and to me a must have in all collections.

Love for Yourself - Kit