Beautiful Selenite Lamp with LED white light bulb which creates a pure white glow through the transluscent white of the Selenite.


There is a base of selenite that the lamp sits on and the power cord has a switch near the lamp. Total height is 18cm and width is 9cm. 


Selenite radiates light energy, it is calming and cleansing. A powerful healing crystal that clears and opens energy pathways, its also amazing at removing attachments that dont serve you. I use it in my practice to reset energy fields and clear energy attachments creating a cleansed fresh energetic field.


It is a must have in the home for its cleansing and energy clearing properties, I use 2 wands to clear the energies in the rooms of my home and in my own bio-field. I also use selenite plates and wands to cleanse my other crystals.


Selenite Lamp

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  • I am passionate about energy medicine and the benefits of crystal energy, these are my beliefs that I am sharing with you.  You have your own free will to choose or not choose to use crystals and/or energy medicine as part of your health and well-being plan. Using crystals in a healing capacity is a form of alternative medicine, it is a complimentary health therapy not a replacement for any other health therapy including traditional medicine practices. If you have health concerns you should discuss these with your main health care provider, GP or emergency services.