Sessions with Jenny

I'm deep thinking, highly observant and slightly wise old soul. I'm hugely interested in human's, energy medicine, wellbeing on every level and thinking outside the box.


I believe the more we work on having self-understanding, self-responsibility and self-awareness, it is the key to changing life for the better. There is so much we cannot control outside of us yet we try so hard to but we can control how we respond to everything. 

It is such a privilege to be here on earth experiencing being human, I don't think we are here to cross the same finish line and tick the same boxes, instead I believe in always learning,  flowing and evolving as we be ourselves in our own individual ways. 

All sessions are available In-person or Online

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Intuitive Life Coaching

If you are you stuck in patterns that don't work anymore and find it hard to see where to from there. I can help you navigate your thought processes and find the areas where you can shift your thinking and create more for yourself. And it goes without saying when we sort out our own stuff we become so much more for our loved ones too.

Email me  if you'd like to ask any questions prior to booking.


Crystals Energy Sessions

Let me know if you have anything specific you'd like to work on or we can flow with what presents.  Some examples may be physical (pain, injury, illness) or emotional (heartbreak, unhealthy patterns, family issues) or spiritual (opening 3rd eye, creating connections, releasing old energy). Or maybe you just know you need to bathe in gorgeous crystal energy and take some time out for yourself.

Email me  if you'd like to ask any questions prior to booking.

Crystals & Coaching


This is an awesome opportunity to get the best of what I offer, it combines the crystal therapy session and the intuitive life coaching. It's 90mins because we need time to talk and time to do the crystal energy work.  


This is tailored to your needs just like all the sessions I offer, the beauty of this is you get a chance to work on your thought energy alongside the crystal therapy which I believe will bring you clearer results.  

Email me  if you'd like to ask any questions prior to booking.