Hi, I'm Jenny!

I aspire to help create ease and magic in peoples lives and to keep learning about & teaching how to be part of the uplifting, unassuming, heart based energy in the world.

I work as an intuitive life coach, a crystal energy healer and I have a crystal shop full of gorgeous crystals and crystal boxes/sets.  I love to teach and inspire others as they evolve in their life journey and I love to share my crystal knowledge.


Coming soon is a course on connecting to self and creating your own best life called YOUR | SELF.  And for the crystal lover there will be short courses on crystal grid creation and other crystal topics to help on your crystal journey.


 My passion is to reconnect people to their own identity, I teach how to shift from a life led by external influences to a life directed by your own unique blueprint. You hold the keys to your health and wellbeing, you have the ability to change anything about you and you have the wisdom to know how.  Its just a matter of knowing yourself well, trusting your intuition and learning the tools you need to create your happiness, all of which I can help you with.  

I am a Partner, a Mum and a home maker, I love fresh air, feet on the ground, dreams in the stars; my family, my friends, laughter, people, me time, sushi and a good cup of tea xx (and a gazillion other things be fair lols).


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I use life coaching skills, life experiences and my intuition to guide you, challenge you and open you up to other possibilities.  This is very individual, there is no one size fits all approach as we are all complex unique beings. 

It's time for a session if:

  • You are re-looping through the same emotions, frustrations or experiences

  • You feel overwhelm or fatigue on a regular basis & struggle to think straight

  • You know there's more to life but you don't know where to start exploring this

  • You feel a disconnect with yourself and want to find that sense of self again

  • You have a desire to learn more about yourself and deepen your self awareness

  • You feel stuck in a rut with no idea how to get out of it

  • You do the work on yourself but it doesn't change enough

  • You need a safe space to speak aloud and clear your head, heart and soul



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Shop for crystals to gift to loved ones, compliment your home design, create crystal grids, bring an energy to your home that you desire or simply add to your crystal collection.

I create themed crystal box sets which make perfect gifts. I put together crystal grid sets that are energetically and aesthetically pleasing. And I hand select single pieces that stand out energetically, visually or magically.

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