Jenny Gower

 A great way to get to know me is through reading my blogs but in a nutshell I'd say I am a loving, nurturing soul who has a bit of a cheeky sense of humour. I am a mum of an awesome kid and a partner to a great guy, I am a friend to many and a daughter, sister, cousin, aunty and more.

I have a deep interest in energy medicine & energy psychology and I am currently absorbing much about the practices and research behind energy and energy medicine as I can.  I have a healing energy that I have always known about and used on some level. I love sharing this energy and I love making a difference for others.

I also love people and have always been fascinated with how we all think, feel and process our lives. So for me its been great that I have been able to tune into people and their energy with ease, plus I am blessed with a natural insight into the bigger picture of how things may be.  And of course I have been through challenges of my own and like to think I have learnt from them as I went, even though some needed repeating at times and I am sure more may come. Mostly about me though is I have a deep passion to create ease in peoples lives through insight, understanding, healing and love.

As well as my inborn passions and skills I have gained an incredible amount of experience working with sick babies and their families during my career nursing in neonatal intensive care, the amount of skills obtained in that work environment are too extensive to list but some key ones to share are

  • empathy

  • strong clear communication

  • a deep understanding of others stress and suffering

  • the ability to think outside the box

  • an openness towards learning and possibility

Since moving on from my nursing career I have completed a certificate in Life Coaching and a diploma in Child & Adolescent Psychology and Counselling both through the Career Academy.  And now I have qualified as a Certified Crystal Healer with the Ashley Leavey - Love & Light School.  I am currently offering Crystal Energy Therapy and Coaching services and I'm loving my work.